Reconstructive Surgery

Hand Surgery

The mechanical complexity of function in the hand is superior to any other part of the body. The hands are our link to the external world. We rely on them for nearly all of our interactions and useful functions. A profound understanding of this complexity is required to properly address any dysfunction. We bring this respect and understanding to the care of all of our hand patients. Fracture, laceration, amputation, nerve dysfunction, nerve pain, joint pain and hand infection patients are welcome.

Nerve Pain

Chronic tingling, loss of sensation, and frank pain in the fingers, hands and arms affects so many of us. In many cases this suffering is unnecessary. Pain and numbness is often caused by nerve compression. Several major nerves in our arms are commonly compressed in key locations. These include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at the wrist and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome at the elbow. Once identified these conditions can be treated conservatively with physical therapy and lifestyle modification, through minimally invasive injection and through small surgical procedures when necessary. All of these treatments are offered here and effective for relief of your pain.