Facial Reconstruction and Trauma Reconstruction

The principles that have led us to success and notoriety in facial aesthetic surgery are the cornerstones of the reconstructive work we perform for facial oncologic and traumatic reconstruction. From fractures of the facial skeleton to lacerations involving skin, muscles and nerves, we strive tirelessly to restore form and function. Applying these principles, we recommend all patients undergoing resection of any facial tumor consider consultation with a reconstructive surgeon for the benefits of a team approach.

When the unexpected misfortune of a fall, sports related injury, motor vehicle accident or other trauma affect your face, you need experienced care. Facial fractures of the jaw, cheek, peri-ocular or forehead areas can affect facial symmetry and facial function. Our first priority is restoring important functions including vision and the ability to properly bring your teeth together. This is performed with great care to return symmetry to the face. Whenever possible, facial fractures are treated without making a single incision on the skin of the face. And when the initial injury has caused lacerations or other soft tissue injury we will treat these injuries simultaneously and longitudinally to see them resolved with the best possible outcome.