Breast Augmentation

If you have a mental image of your body which involves a change in the shape or size of your breast, I would consider it a privilege to understand that vision, and to help you reach your goals. As a product of extensive training in Manhattan, NY in multiple premier cosmetic institutions, combined with my passion for oncologic breast reconstruction, I bring a strong understanding of the aesthetics of the breast to your procedure. Through minimal hidden incisions we can increase the size of your breast while simultaneously improving the shape. The procedure can be performed in an afternoon and allow return to work over a weekend.


Mastopexy is the technical term for a "breast lift" procedure. This is a procedure which does not aim to significantly change the size of the breast, but improve the shape. We elevate the nipple to a more central position on the breast, from its fallen position. We also re-distribute the volume of the breast to provide a fuller central mound. The result of these changes is a more youthful and natural "tear-drop" shaped breast.

Breast Reduction

Large breasts can reach a point where they transition from complementing your appearance to complicating your life. Large breasts are often associated with pain at the shoulders, neck and upper back. They can cause hygiene issues and skin rashes in the areas immediately below the breasts. All of these factors can significantly affect your ability to exercise, work and enjoy many of life's activities. For these women we offer a full complement of breast reduction options.

Breast reduction through limited incisions around the areola are appropriate for some patients, while others will require additional incisions masked in the natural creases of the breast. Fortunately through either treatment, the breast is not only reduced, but significantly lifted as well. The volume that remains is centralized to restore volume where it has often shifted away from. The result is a smaller, fuller, rounder breast. This is a procedure I enjoy performing because it produces some of the happiest patients I have.