Your confidence in our team is an important trust. In return, we will strive to completely understand your goals and thoroughly explain our abilities.

Liposuction is a tool with an established track record for safety which has revolutionized aesthetic body contouring. Advancements in the field of liposuction therapy continue and our surgical team is experienced with all of these techniques. We offer liposuction for reshaping of the neck, upper and lower flanks, abdomen, thighs, and knees.

Large breasts can reach a point where they transition from complementing your appearance to complicating your life. Large breasts are often associated with pain at the shoulders, neck and upper back. They can cause hygiene issues and skin rashes in the areas immediately below the breasts. All of these factors can significantly affect your ability to exercise, work and enjoy many of life's activities. For these women we offer a full complement of breast reduction option.

Breast reduction through limited incisions around the areola are appropriate for some patients, while others will require additional incisions masked in the natural creases of the breast. Fortunately through either treatment, the breast is not only reduced, but significantly lifted as well. The volume that remains is centralized to restore volume where it has often shifted away from. The result is a smaller, fuller, rounder breast. This is a procedure I enjoy performing because it produces some of the happiest patients I have.

Fortunately, a range of procedures are available to restore the abdomen to its best possible appearance. Liposuction alone can treat appropriately selected patients very well. Mini-abdominoplasty is available for small skin and stretch mark reduction. This treats primarily changes below the belly button. Abdominoplasty can treat the areas below and above the belly button while simultaneously removing fat and tightening skin. This procedure can be further modified to treat skin laxity in the vertical and horizontal directions. We also provide techniques that accentuate the hips while improving the abdomen. All of these techniques for abdominal treatment are available and with careful patient consultation we will identify the ideal treatment to meet your goals.

For many people, the upper arm is the most difficult location to achieve improvement with weight loss and exercise. We have the capability to reshape this hard to treat location through brachioplasty. Brachioplasty can be performed through several forms of minimally invasive liposuction, short scar brachioplasty and comprehensive brachioplasty. The correct treatment for you will depend on your preferences, your arms current shape and the surgeons consultation.

Many of the same factors that affect the abdomen and the front of the body affect the lower back and buttocks. It is possible to treat both the abdomen, back and buttocks simultaneously. This procedure is referred to as a body lift. It is offered only to appropriately selected patients. It can flatten and provide the benefits of abdominoplasty while also lifting and filling the buttocks.