Your confidence in our team is an important trust. In return, we will strive to completely understand your goals and thoroughly explain our abilities.

As we age, our face shows the marks of our journey. The effects of lifelong sun exposure, gravity, stress, and our genes cannot be avoided. We develop fine lines which gradually become deeper folds, our jaw line becomes less defined, jowls can develop, fat thins on our cheeks and accumulates at our neck. A facelift addresses the mid and lower face, as well as the neck. With this procedure we create a delicate balance; giving you the most youthful facial appearance possible at this point in your life, without signs of a procedure.

We carefully address the skin of the cheek and neck to re-establish the youthful contour of your jaw and neck. We remove fat from areas of excess, and often restore fat to areas where youthful volume has been lost. A facelift is often done in concert with fat transfer, blepharoplasty, brow lift or rhinoplasty.

The nose unifies our facial parts. It creates the path between our eyes and mouth, between our brow and cheeks. Ideally, it makes all of these transitions seamless and beautiful. Rhinoplasty is a procedure which involves subtle changes to the appearance of the nose and/or function of the nose. While Rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure in Plastic Surgery it requires a deep understanding of these facial proportions.

Practically, it allows for reduction in nasal dimensions, correction of nasal deviation, reshaping of the nasal dorsum, definition of the tip and ala, and opening of the nasal airway to improve respiration. We provide this service for elective aesthetic improvement, required respiratory improvement, and traumatic/oncologic reconstructive needs.

Our brow is an expressive organ. With time, the muscles which support our brow can weaken and thin. With this change the brow begins to descend and our brow begins to tell the world we are tired when in actuality we may be vibrant. Through minimal, well-hidden incisions in or at the hairline we can restore the smooth and vibrant appearance of our brow.

The eyes are the focal point of our face. As we age, the skin around our eyelids becomes thinner, more lax and the periorbital fat surrounding our eyes both atrophies and descends. This creates notable differences in our overall facial aesthetic. A blepharoplasty also known as "eyelid surgery" can improve the appearance of the upper eyelid, lower eyelid or both by removing excess skin and repositioning fat to restore a more youthful appearance. It can also help improve deficits in our visual field from lax skin which affects our daily activities. These procedures do not remove dark circles, crows feet or lift sagging eyebrows. These procedures are usually done in an outpatient setting and are categorized as a facial rejuvenation procedure. They are often done in conjunction with a brow lift or face lift, but they can have a positive impact on facial appearance on their own as well.

The ear is the most variable anatomic structure on our face. The ranges of what we consider "normal" are wide, and the likelihood of being born with something considered outside of the norm is higher than for any other part of the body. Unfortunately, all of this variation has not led to greater general acceptance of the ear in all of its beautiful variations. Many of us are unhappy with our ears.

The size, shape, and angle with which they project from our head can all vary and can all be adjusted. These changes to the ear are called otoplasty. Otoplasty is a simple procedure which can be performed with moderate sedation. It creates significant improvements in the characteristics of the ear that you would like addressed.

Beyond the changes discussed above, which are considered cosmetic otoplasty, our team is trained in more complex ear reconstruction for lost or non-developed ear parts. This is referred to as anotia reconstruction. The deeper understanding required to re-create parts missing or lost is at the core of the work we do with the ear.